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Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising

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Understand and use the concepts of successful advertising

Whether you are considering a career in advertising or trying to find the best way to market your product, start with Hopkins and then move on to the rest.

In this powerful book, he explains the process to get (and measure) results from your advertising.

Claude Hopkins wrote 'Scientific Advertising' in 1923, but his insight into consumer behavior still holds. The aim was to explain the rules of advertising and what makes consumers buy so that advertising returns would become a certainty and not a guess. Learn how to use his techniques to write adverts that sell with certainty.

Hopkins clearly shows how to write copy, provides methods for testing it, and shows how evidence-based advertising gets results...

Categories: Business
Year: 2015
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Claude Hopkins
Pages: 70
File: PDF
Size: 647 KB
File: EPUB
Size: 158 KB
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